come tumbling through the looking glass (dicingalice) wrote in nealstephenson,
come tumbling through the looking glass

stephenson themed birthday present?

hello dear communitees! i'm looking for ideas on neal themed birthday presents,

not that long ago i fell in love with this fabulous guy - who, in turn, is in love with neal stephensons work.

which is fine by me, except that i'd like to suprise fab guy with something - creative, witty, charming, and foremost fandom-ey - for his birthday, but since i'd never even heard of Stephenson until a couple of months ago (i bought a copy of Cryptonomicon last week and it's been awesome so far) i really wouldn't know where to begin.

might be this comm's got some input on the subject? i'd certainly appreciate any ideas :)

[some corner information that might (or might not) be relevant: the guy's name's Stefan, he's a programmer, a redditor, doesn't care too much for sweets. me, i study architecture and have a degree in scenography. crafting, drawing, writing, 2d and basic 3d animation is what i can do.]

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