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Ilya Popov

Unravelling Anathem

A bit more information has appeared of late concerning Stephenson's next novel, Anathem. HarperCollins has produced a domestic rights guide in which a list of assorted details concerning different novels acquired by HC are mentioned. One of them is - surprise! - Neal Stephenson. Here's what it has to say:

Stephenson, Neal
September - $29.95

With this eagerly-awaited new novel, critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author Stephenson returns to the epic science fiction storytelling on which his fan base was built. Set in the far future, a young "avout" (monk), Erasmus, lives under a vow of poverty. He and his cohorts grow their own food, eschew most technology, and lead lives of contemplation and intellectual pursuit. Then, one day, Erasmus is ousted from the place he has called home since childhood: an alien starship has been observed orbiting the planet and Erasmus is one of a few who have been specially chosen to figure out just what is going on - and what it means for the world. Stephenson's most recent works include Cryptonomicon and the 3 volume epic "The Baroque Cycle" which includes Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World.

First serial, UK, Translation, Audio, Dramatic: Darhansoff, Verrill, & Feldman (917-305-8946)'s information does not quite jive with what HC has produced, as far as indicating what the name of the main character in fact is. There it was Raz, here it is Erasmus. Best guess? Raz is a slangy abbreviation for Eramus within the context of the novel.

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